The Legacy of Jack R. Taylor

A New Vision for a New Day

It is a new day. Our spiritual father has left us a legacy that compels us to carry on. No one can replace Jack Taylor; no one will try. I know best what big shoes he left that cannot be filled. The call to continue and even advance what Jack Taylor began is an impossible task. It is impossible without the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit and the partnership of those who loved, followed, and called dad their spiritual father. It will not be the same, but it will continue.

If the legacy of Jack Taylor is to be continued, it will be done by those he influenced to liver better lives for Jesus. The ministry of Jack Taylor will be perpetuated by those he inspired to move higher than they ever have before. We are being challenged by the memory of my father to dream bigger and expect greater. God has put within each one us passions follow and has called us to mission to fulfill. To carry on, need a new vision for a new day. God has put such a vision in my heart and I present it for your consideration and participation.

The Sonslink Network

 An overwhelming appeal has been voiced to continue the network of spiritual sons and daughters, which dad initiated. It was dad’s intention to father for as long as he lived, and he did. Indeed, he did it well! The Sonslink Network has served us well to connect, communicate, and complement one another under a common spiritual father. This new day pleads for sons to become fathers and daughters to become mothers. We already see this happening in local churches with brothers and sisters coming alongside one another, advancing the Kingdom where God has planted us. I see Sonslink continuing to host several gatherings a year. We have some gatherings planned. You can learn more about them by going to the Sonslink page at this website. Opportunities to gather with spiritual brothers and sisters will continue to be a vital part of the legacy of Jack Taylor and Dimensions Ministries.

Jack R. Taylor Legacy Library 

In addition to continuing the Sonslink network, I see the Lord leading us to develop a library of messages and materials by Jack Taylor. The Jack R. Taylor Legacy Library will be an 

online repository of literally 100’s of audio and video messages preached by Jack Taylor over the 60+ years of his ministry. His books and other materials will be available online to purchase or checkout with a subscription. We plan to distribute a monthly message and make all his messages available on a subscription basis. We are in the process of gathering and digitizing material for online access. If you have a favorite message of Jack Taylor on video or even cassette tape, we humbly request that you forward it to us. We will copy it and return the original to you and add it to the Legacy Library. We will let you know when this part of the vision is up and running.

Sending and Going

Jack Taylor has sons and daughters on each populated continent on earth; our Kingdom Family circles the globe. In 2011, was arrested by God to work with Dad from over ten years of ministry leading missions in Central America, Southern Mexico, and West Africa. Even before dad became ill, God had been reigniting the mission flames in me. New opportunities have opened up. Fresh vision for reaching places I have been and renewing relationships for service to the underserved has reached a boiling point in my heart. The timing for the fulfillment of dreams I had left behind seems to be right.

Becoming a sending organization is the third part of the new vision for a new day at Dimensions Ministries. I am praying that God would use the legacy of Jack Taylor to be a rallying point for sending the Dimensions Team to places where God wills. Doors are opening to serve around the world and in the US.

A New Vision for a New day is a fresh three-part vision for Dimensions Ministries.

  1. We will continue to facilitate the Sonslink network by maintaining activities to connect, communicate, and complement one another and our churches and ministries.

  2. We will create and develop the Jack R. Taylor Legacy Library of materials and messages for access online.

  3. Dimensions Ministries will pivot to send us to the nations.

What God is calling us to do is impossible without His provision and your prayers. Will you pray for me as I go and as others are sent? It is a new day requiring a new vision. I invite you to join us as God strengthens our relationships, sustains the legacy of Jack Taylor, and opens doors for the Kingdom at home and around the world.

Thank you for loving my dad and being a part of his ministry. You have a part in his legacy. Thank you for joining me to advance the Kingdom of heaven with a new vision for a new day.