Sonslink Network

A Kingdom Family Connection

The Father/Son paradigm is the divine pattern for the universe. It is the essence of the Kingdom of God.

Sonslink is our attempt to restore this reality by modeling the relationship among men and women.

Our goals are to:

  • Connect

Relationships are the currency of the realm. We desire to establish and maintain authentic, personal relationships for mutual support and actual encouragement. Sonslink begins with connecting for vital, life-changing fellowship.

  • Communicate

Maintaining relationships requires communication and participation in one another’s lives. The Sonslink Network provides opportunities for transmitting not only information but the impartation of what God is doing in us and with others.

  • Complement

Sonslink Network is complete when we work together to advance the Kingdom. The Father/Son paradigm is fulfilled when we serve the Lord by serving one another together. Together we can do what we cannot do apart.

Sonslink Network is a Kingdom Family Connection with Jack Taylor as the primary spiritual-father.

What Jack Taylor has been doing by instinct for most of his life, he felt called by God to begin to do intentionally in 2008; that is, to father spiritual-sons who in turn father spiritual-sons. With this in mind we created  Sonslink, a network of men and women so impacted by the message and ministry of Jack Taylor that they recognize him as a spiritual-father and are recognized by him as spiritual-sons. It is not about one man, but about what God can do with one man.

Sonslink Network seeks to:

  • Recognize the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand by transforming spiritual orphans into Kingdom Sons & Daughters.
  • Receive the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts by translating the message of the Kingdom into living, vital relationships that transform our communities and glorify God.
  • Release the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives and the world by transferring Kingdom Power to successive generations until our Lord returns.

Sonslink Network is not an organization or even a movement, but a burgeoning family, based on spiritual and relational connections, not on blood relation or doctrines of men.  Sonslink is about recognizing organic connections and organizing relationships for better communication in order to complement one another to advance the Kingdom of God, personally and corporately.

Jack Taylor passed away in April of 2021, but his legacy lives on through Sonslink Network.


Sonslink Network Gatherings

October 26-29, 2021

Park Avenue Retreat Center, Titusville, FL