Sonslink Network

A Kingdom Family Connection
The Father/Son paradigm is the divine pattern for the universe. It is the essence of the Kingdom of God. Sonslink is our attempt to restore this reality by modeling the relationship among men and women. Our goals are to:
  • Connect
Relationships are the currency of the realm. We desire to establish and maintain authentic, personal relationships for mutual support and actual encouragement. Sonslink begins with connecting for vital, life-changing fellowship.
  • Communicate
Maintaining relationships requires communication and participation in one another’s lives. The Sonslink Network provides opportunities for transmitting not only information but the impartation of what God is doing in us and with others.
  • Complement
Sonslink Network is complete when we work together to advance the Kingdom. The Father/Son paradigm is fulfilled when we serve the Lord by serving one another together. Together we can do what we cannot do apart.
Sonslink Network is a Kingdom Family Connection with Jack Taylor as the primary spiritual-father. What Jack Taylor has been doing by instinct for most of his life, he felt called by God to begin to do intentionally in 2008; that is, to father spiritual-sons who in turn father spiritual-sons. With this in mind we created  Sonslink, a network of men and women so impacted by the message and ministry of Jack Taylor that they recognize him as a spiritual-father and are recognized by him as spiritual-sons. It is not about one man, but about what God can do with one man. Sonslink Network seeks to:
  • Recognize the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand by transforming spiritual orphans into Kingdom Sons & Daughters.
  • Receive the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts by translating the message of the Kingdom into living, vital relationships that transform our communities and glorify God.
  • Release the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives and the world by transferring Kingdom Power to successive generations until our Lord returns.
Sonslink Network is not an organization or even a movement, but a burgeoning family, based on spiritual and relational connections, not on blood relation or doctrines of men.  Sonslink is about recognizing organic connections and organizing relationships for better communication in order to complement one another to advance the Kingdom of God, personally and corporately. Jack Taylor passed away in April of 2021, but his legacy lives on through Sonslink Network.


Dates and Locations

January 19-22, 2022

Tesoro Escondido Ranch, Mineral Wells, Texas

Debrief from 2022 January Sonlink Network Gathering

We say it every time: “Its gathering is better than the one before!” It is because they build upon one another, and each time we meet as brothers & sisters and sons & daughters, we are closer to one another and deeper in Him. This latest gathering in January of 2022 is the best example of God leading us up the next rung on the ladder. We came together with the expressed intent of “passing the baton” or “picking up the mantle” of Jack Taylor. God was so gracious to meet us where we were and to move us to begin to build on Papa Jack’s foundation. We recognized and received his anointing and then released it among ourselves. It was precious and powerful! One man may have been instrumental in launching this band of brothers and sisters, but it is not dependent on one man. Proof: my father-in-law passed away on Monday before the gathering began. I had to leave on Thursday afternoon to be with family for the viewing and the service. I did not get back to the group until Friday evening, and they did not miss a beat! The Father through the Son by the Holy Spirit is indeed the leader of this collective. Highlights of the weekend were the words of Dudley Hall and Jim Hylton. These fathers in the Spirit acted as midwives to give birth to the fathering process that has emerged. We heeded the call and have stepped up from sons to mature sons who now father. Many were already doing it, but now it is an integral part of the Sonslink Network DNA. What happened? How does it work? What does it look like? I don’t know how it happened. God just did it, and we received. How does it work? I don’t know; we simply let Him do it in and through us. It is a beautiful thing to see men ministering to men out of their weakness and gifting. What does it look like? It looks very much like family. The Father created the safest place I have ever been. We were secure in and with one another on a level I have only experienced with my blood relatives. The unconditional acceptance and love for each other were palatable. I felt it like never before. We have a rule that what goes on at a Sonslink Network Gathering (SNG) stays at the SNG. This is so there is a guarantee of confidentiality for the freedom to share what is on our hearts. The vulnerability was tangible. The caring was powerful and the aftermath transforming. I am being a little cryptic on purpose. If you want to know more, you are going to have to experience it for yourself. You will have to attend an SNG to really know what goes on there. Suffice to say; I will never be the same! I am coining a couple of new markers. You have seen the first one: SNG (Sonslink Network Gathering. The other is we are “Jacksons!” We are Jack’s Sons now become fathers in our own right. We had ten men who had never attended an SNG before. At least one of them had never met Dad before. Of course, he knew of him and was influenced by him, but this was the first time he had been able to come to an SNG. It rocked his world, and he rocked ours! Notice we have already secured dates in April for a couples gathering in Florida. Click on the link to learn more and to reserve your space.

October 26-29, 2021

Park Avenue Retreat Center, Titusville, FL

Debrief from Latest Sonslink Network Gathering

The first Sonslink Network Gathering was held in 1999 in Indialantic, FL. With only a couple of dozen men expected to gather, the small hotel ballroom was overflowing with the over 120 who came together on a whim. Charle Carrin had been fathering for some time. Jack Taylor had been instinctively fathering. When they came together to form the Word Spirit Power team with RT Kendall, it was natural that the subject of fathering would come up. Based only on a suggestion, Jack and Charles began inviting men they thought might consider them spiritual fathers. Since that fateful meeting, over 50 gatherings of spiritual sons and daughters have been held in multiple locations around the country. Over 200 men and women have participated as they have looked to be fathered. This one, held in October of 2021, was the first to be undertaken without the primary spiritual father being present.
The first evening session together was spent remembering Jack Taylor. Introductions were made by way of relating a “Jack Taylor story.” It was a wonderful time of remembering and reliving grand times and significant moments in many lives. Jack Taylor has left an indelible mark on many people, and they are all the better for it. The gathering continued the next several days allowing the Holy Spirit to direct the conversation. As often is the case, the agenda was those present. Believing that there are two kinds of people who gather: 1) those who need ministry, and 2) those who need to minister; time was spent sharing needs and praying and ministering to one another. It was precious time, too precious to reveal personal details. What happens at a Sonslink Network gathering stays at a Sonslink Network Gathering. The time was too precious to reveal details. You will just have to attend a gathering to experience it.
Suffice it to say; all were blessed! God is undoubtedly good! Every who participated was better, having spent the days together. Join us at the next gathering!