Update on Africa Report

This report is from Jim Lassiter, EPBOMI’s missionary to the US.


This was the theme of The CIAMEL 2021 conference held in Korhogo, northern Ivory Coast. The conference was the result of a full year of detailed planning and preparation by the Works and Missions Baptist Church in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Buses were sent from Abidjan and other cities around the country. At least one thousand people were bused from Abidjan.

The conference began Wednesday, August 11, in the afternoon. At each of the six sessions, attendance was confirmed officially at 30,000 people. The six sessions of evangelism resulted in some 1,055 new Christians.

The conference ended on Sunday with a Parade of workers and a closing ceremony.

Monday morning, everyone started returning to their home churches. We returned by air to Abidjan.

This was the most secure CIAMEL conference we’ve ever had – no one was hurt in any way on the 400 mile trip from Abidjan to Korhogo—August 29, 2021.

Well, I thought the statistics I just cited above, right after the conference, were pretty much the total that was going to come out of the conference. I WAS WRONG.

The week following the conference saw many new Christians that were newly delivered from demonic forces return to their villages.

This part of Ivory Coast Is known for demonic forces that control the lives of thousands of people. There is a very powerful witch doctor that lives in the forest. His control radiates out of the forest to surrounding villages. We are talking now about people who have been under severe demonic bondage for generations.


When the new Christians returned to their villages, everyone saw the drastic changes people set free from the domain of darkness in a way they could never, ever imagine, much less expect to see with their own eyes.

Many villages were impacted by the new Christians. So much so that the people starting pleading with the chiefs of the villages to do something to help them to know how to live out this new life.

As a result, the chiefs of several villages sent a “Macedonian call” to the central Works and Missions Church in Abidjan: “please come plant churches in our villages immediately and train our people to live this New Life In the kingdom of God.”

So, what was the central church to do? Well, they decided to mobilize every pastor that they could and send them North to plant churches in these villages. Pastors from all over Ivory Coast have headed north. They even sent second-year Bible School students.

This mobilization has been in process just since last week, and no one knows exactly where it will all wind up. But one thing is sure; the initial 1,055 new Christians are in no way the last results from this effort—September 6, 2021.