Debrief from Latest Sonslink Network Gathering

October 26-29, 2021

Park Avenue Retreat Center, Titusville, FL

The first Sonslink Network Gathering was held in 1999 in Indialantic, FL. With only a couple of dozen men expected to gather, the small hotel ballroom was overflowing with the over 120 who came together on a whim. Charle Carrin had been fathering for some time. Jack Taylor had been instinctively fathering. When they came together to form the Word Spirit Power team with RT Kendall, it was natural that the subject of fathering would come up. Based only on a suggestion, Jack and Charles began inviting men they thought might consider them spiritual fathers. Since that fateful meeting, over 50 gatherings of spiritual sons and daughters have been held in multiple locations around the country. Over 200 men and women have participated as they have looked to be fathered. This one, held in October of 2021, was the first to be undertaken without the primary spiritual father being present.

The first evening session together was spent remembering Jack Taylor. Introductions were made by way of relating a “Jack Taylor story.” It was a wonderful time of remembering and reliving grand times and significant moments in many lives. Jack Taylor has left an indelible mark on many people, and they are all the better for it. The gathering continued the next several days allowing the Holy Spirit to direct the conversation. As often is the case, the agenda was those present. Believing that there are two kinds of people who gather: 1) those who need ministry, and 2) those who need to minister; time was spent sharing needs and praying and ministering to one another. It was precious time, too precious to reveal personal details. What happens at a Sonslink Network gathering stays at a Sonslink Network Gathering. The time was too precious to reveal details. You will just have to attend a gathering to experience it.

Suffice it to say; all were blessed! God is undoubtedly good! Every who participated was better, having spent the days together. Join us at the next gathering!

Next Sonslink Network Gathering is planned for January 19-22, 2022, at Tesoro Escondido Ranch near Mineral Wells, Texas. For more into and to save a space, go to: