Meet the Taylors

Jack & Friede have been married since 2004 and have traveled extensively together, ministering side by side, and sharing their heart for both the Kingdom and people.

Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

Husband | Speaker | Author

Jack R. Taylor is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He pastored the Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas for almost seventeen years where a mighty spiritual awakening took place in 1970, which doubled the membership of the church in four years. Jack has authored 13 widely accepted books, many CD’s and video series.  He married Friede on December 28, 2004. They both enjoy traveling together.  Jack received an honorary doctorate in March of 2011 from Saint Thomas Christian College of Jacksonville, Florida. During the last 40 years he has traveled extensively, ministering the word of God to the Body of Christ at large. With a visit to Toronto in August of 1994 during which significant personal healing took place both physically and spiritually, his ministry took a dramatic turn with increased manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit.
In 1970, God moved in revival in the congregation that Jack Taylor was pastoring.  In six months over 3000 people came to know the Lord.  Jack was launched from Castle Hills First Baptist Church in 1974 in to a worldwide ministry through his speaking and writing.  Now at 80 years old, he continues to preach predominantly in the United States in churches of many denominations, with trips to Canada, England, Tanzania, West Africa, Germany, Austria and Latin America. Jack has spoken often at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship where God also moved in a dramatic way to touch the community and the world.
Jack has been ministering the Word through Dimensions Ministries, his support organization of which  Dr. Taylor serves as the President.Dimensions Ministries (DM) enables Jack to maintain a busy speaking, writing and fathering schedule that touches thousands of people each year.  DM is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that may receive tax deductible gifts.  For nearly 40 years, Jack Taylor has been supported by the generous love offerings of churches, other ministries, and individuals to whom he ministers.
The Lord has gifted Jack with an apostolic insight into the word of God and the heart to communicate the fullness of His Kingdom. He “fathers” over 200 men and women he recognizes as spiritual sons. Sonslink is his effort to connect with spiritual offspring intentionally and to leave a legacy of transformed lives.
Friede Taylor

Friede Taylor

Wife | Author | Speaker

Friede Taylor was born in Czechoslovakia the third child of a Catholic family during WWII. The deprivations and unsanitary conditions brought about by the war left her severely ill with typhoid fever and cholera, reducing her prospects for survival as a child.  Because of overcrowded hospital facilities, she was left to die.  Her father had been taken prisoner by the US Army, leaving Friede’s family alone without support.  A nurse had pity on them and took them into her home, giving Friede blood transfusions, using her (the nurse’s) own blood to save Friede’s life.
Her father was released at the end of the war, and the family moved to Germany where she suffered for years from rejection because her father had wanted her to be a boy.  Her father, a tailor, lost everything in the war and died by his own hand without ever telling Friede that he loved her.
At 19, Friede married a US soldier stationed in Germany and moved with him to Columbus, Georgia where they raised a family of three children.  In 1979, Friede converted from Catholicism to Southern Baptist where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
In 1983, after her oldest son, Gene, took his own life, Friede experienced what she calls an open-heaven experience with God’s comfort and protection over her life—an experience which comforted her in future losses.  Her husband died of cancer after 30 years of marriage, leaving Friede widowed for the next 11 years.
In 1999 she had a life-changing experience with the Holy Spirit, discovering God to be the Father who loved her and Husband who provided for her every need.  Her pursuit of God brought her to a commitment and a passion for a deeper intimacy with God. 
In 2004, she moved to Florence, Alabama by God’s divine direction and became Director of Missions for Global Missions Awareness.  She has ministered in Mozambique, Tanzania, Philippines, and Cuba with Leif Hetland, GMA Founder, and President, and was scheduled to travel to Pakistan with GMA when Jesus and Jack Taylor derailed her plans.
She and Jack suddenly realized God’s hand in bringing them together in October of 2004. They were married in less than three months with multiple confirmations from God that this was His will, and she moved to live with Jack in Melbourne, Florida, following their wedding.
Friede is Vice President of Dimensions Ministries and travels with Jack, ministering at every opportunity.  Friede carries an intense burden and passion for the lost and broken people of the world.  Her testimony is filled with power and pathos and all who hear her are moved by the faithfulness of God in her behalf.