Meet the Team

Friede Taylor

Friede Taylor was born in Czechoslovakia, the third child of a Catholic family during WWII. The deprivations and unsanitary conditions brought about by the war left her severely ill with typhoid fever and cholera, reducing her prospects for survival as a child.  Because of overcrowded hospital facilities, she was left to die.  Her father had been taken prisoner by the US Army, leaving Friede’s family alone without support.  A nurse had pity on them and took them into her home, giving Friede blood transfusions, using her (the nurse’s) own blood to save Friede’s life.
Her father was released at the end of the war, and the family moved to Germany, where she suffered for years from rejection because her father had wanted her to be a boy.  Her father, a tailor, lost everything in the war and died by his own hand without ever telling Friede that he loved her.
At 19, Friede married a US soldier stationed in Germany and moved with him to Columbus, Georgia, where they raised a family of three children.  In 1979, Friede converted from Catholicism to Southern Baptist, where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
In 1983, after her oldest son, Gene, took his own life, Friede experienced what she calls an open-heaven experience with God’s comfort and protection over her life—an experience which comforted her in future losses.  Her husband died of cancer after 30 years of marriage, leaving Friede widowed for the next 11 years.
In 1999 she had a life-changing experience with the Holy Spirit, discovering God to be the Father who loved her and Husband who provided for her every need.  Her pursuit of God brought her to a commitment and a passion for a deeper intimacy with God.
In 2004, she moved to Florence, Alabama, by God’s divine direction and became Director of Missions for Global Missions Awareness.  She has ministered in Mozambique, Tanzania, Philippines, and Cuba with Leif Hetlan, GMA Founder and President, and was scheduled to travel to Pakistan with GMA when Jesus and Jack Taylor derailed her plans.

Tim is gifted to develop personal relationships, write, and present the Word of God so lives can be transformed. He carries on his father’s legacy by encouraging his spiritual brothers and sister and blazing new trails on the  frontier of missions. Tim has taken the role of President of Dimensions Ministries since his father’s death. He holds a B.A in History from Hardin-Simmons University and an M.DIV. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Tim is married to Michelle, and they have two sons, Blake and Brice. Blake is married to Sarah and Brice to Rachel. The couples live near Tim and Michelle in the DFW metroplex. Blake is an attorney with KPMG and Brice is a Senior Manager with Southwest Airlines. Tim enjoys playing golf, hanging with his brothers and sisters, studying to teach the Word, reading suspense and mystery novels.

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She and Jack suddenly realized God’s hand in bringing them together in October of 2004. They were married in less than three months with multiple confirmations from God that this was His will, and she moved to live with Jack in Melbourne, Florida, following their wedding.
Friede is Vice President of Dimensions Ministries and travels with Jack, ministering at every opportunity. Friede carries an intense burden and passion for the lost and broken people of the world. Her testimony is filled with power and pathos, and all who hear her are moved by the faithfulness of God on her behalf.

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Tim Taylor


Tim Taylor is the son of Jack and Barbara Taylor. He has pastored four churches over a 25-year period, two of which he planted. In 1999, the Lord led him to take a team to Guatemala to provide safe water for life and preach the Living Water for eternal life. In 2005, Tim was sent out by his church to lead HeartSprings International Ministries full-time. In the next seven years, he led the ministry to provide safe water for over 300,000 people in over 75 communities in Guatemala and another 10,000 people and 20 communities in Southern Mexico. These precious people not only received lifesaving safe water but heard the Gospel of the Living Water preached to them plainly. HeartSprings continues to minister safe water and Living Water all over Latin America today.

The Lord “arrested” Tim from the mission he thought he would spend the rest of his life serving, but God has other plans. In 2011, Tim heard the Lord call him to work with his father. He thought he would never have such a change again. In 1985, his dad and Tim planted AnchorChurch in Fort Worth, Texas. It was an immediate success growing to over a thousand in Sunday morning attendance with over 75 Anchorgroups covering the DFW metroplex. The church was a vision God had given Tim while in seminary. In many ways, it was an experiment in church life. Praise songs were projected on a screen, and worship would last for 30-45 minutes before the message was preached. AnchorChurch never owned a building, enabling her to assist her members as well as give to missions. The body met in homes all over the metroplex, often with more meeting in small groups throughout than on Sunday morning. Alas, AnchorChurch was a candle that burned twice as bright and twice as fast. Jack Taylor left the church to return to full-time itinerant ministry in 1989, and Tim departed in 1991. 

In the midst of Tim enjoying God’s blessings in Guatemala and Southern Mexico, God called Tim to model the Father/Son paradigm with his father. Discovering the nomenclature of the Kingdom, Jack and Tim committed to intentionally ministering to the growing multitude of spiritual sons being attracted to Jack Taylor. They launched the Sonslink Network and began to hold Sons Gatherings regularly for men and couples in key places in the US. Depending on how wide the circle is drawn, between 250-400 men and women called Jack Taylor Papa Jack. Jack had always instinctively fathered. Now, with Tim by his side, he intentionally fathered all who would allow him. Gatherings of 30 or less were frequent, with several larger Kingdom Family Gatherings recording over 1000 participating. With the absence of Papa Jack, the Sonslink Network takes on new meaning and fresh importance. Tim continues to lead this part of the ministry to honor the legacy of lives his father has left.